Planning Consultancy

Our planning consultants have over 30 years combined experience within the private and public sectors, dealing with a wide range of development proposals. We offer a variety of services both with, and without the services of architecture. These include:

  • Preparation and Submission of Planning Applications

C7 Planning will give initial advice on your proposal and help you to develop this into a planning submission that we believe will have a good prospect of successfully receiving planning permission. We will prepare and submit the relevant applications on your behalf and liaise with the Local Council as and when required.

  • Appeals and Enforcement

If we consider that you have a case for appeal, we can prepare and submit the relevant appeal forms, documents and statements at the required times.

We are also able to offer advice if you have been advised by the Local Planning Authority that are likely to be subject to Enforcement action.

  • Advice of Planning Policy matters

C7 Planning are able to give advice and represent you in the Local Plan process. We are able to advise you on the best course of proceeding and make representations on your behalf.

  • Planning Scoping reports

C7 Planning are able to help you achieve the full planning potential of a site. This would involve the research of the planning history including any previous planning decisions.